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Report Card Pointers

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Report Card Pointers
by Karen Passmore - Thursday, 24 April 2014, 2:16 PM

Reminder for Report Card Do’s and Don’t’s 

As a parent, I received a newsletter that once had some important guidelines regarding report cards. I am including what my child’s school put in their newsletter, as I believe it’s good advice.


  • Read the comments together with your child
  • Talk about them
  • Celebrated growth and achievements
  • Make strategies for improvement and support
  • Look at work habits, attitude, and behaviour
  • Focus on learning
  • Have daily times to check in on how your child is doing at school, not just at report card time


  • Compare your child to others, siblings or classmates
  • Focus on letter grades – the comments really tell the story!
  • Only look at negatives (e.g. that on C amongst the Bs and As
  • Ignore recommendations for growth
  • Plan unrealistic demands on your child or use excessive rewards for marks.

Please be sure to pay attention to the teacher's comments on the report card and your child's effort marks. Parents and teachers want each student to work to the best of his/her abilities.

Please remember that the school is your partner and we want to work together to ensure your child is as successful as possible. Regular communication with your child’s teacher is beneficial and recommended.