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by Karen Passmore - Monday, 27 April 2015, 11:59 AM

A Thank You from a parent...

First, I'd like to take this moment and thank the Community of Logan Lake for their support. 

I would like to mention Vessy Mochikas, not only is she an amazing part of our schools as a principal, she’s an incredible community member. I'd like to thank her for her support to myself and family.

In 2012, after losing my sister to cancer, I encouraged Mom to move up to Logan Lake with my nephews. This is when I really got to see Vessy for who she truly is. She's helped and continued to help my younger nephew adjust to school after losing his Mom when he first started Kindergarten, as well as the older boy adjust to regular high school programs.

I want to thank Vessy for reaching out to me after learning of my breast cancer diagnosis in October, 2014 and asking if it would be OK to do a couple fundraisers to help support myself and Family through a tough road ahead.

A fundraiser was started and a school newsletter was sent into the Community. The response was overwhelming. Our family is amazed at the generosity of the People of Logan Lake. We send a big Thank you to the Students and Staff at the schools, and the Local Businesses for their support and continued support.

Any other Community members I may have not mentioned, we can't express our gratitude and appreciation enough.

Chemo 8 will be May 19 this should be the last chemo, and then it will be time to attend a couple Grads, then about mid June for about a month and a half I will stay in Kelowna , where I will then receive 28 radiation treatments.


Much appreciated and Thank you again,

Mary Lindbergh and Family