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Revised Homework Club information

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Revised Homework Club information
by Wendy Lloyd - Thursday, 21 April 2016, 8:41 AM

At the beginning of semester two, you should have received a notice from your child outlining our new expectations for students in Grades 8-12 attending homework club.  As we approached the end of term three, the staff met and discussed some revisions to the system that we think will help to streamline the process. Students were informed of these changes on Wednesday, April 20th in a school assembly.  Please see below the newly revised document regarding homework (revisions will show in italics).

The Logan Lake Secondary Staff have implemented a new procedure for handling students who choose not to submit assignments and complete missing work in a timely manner.  Under this new system, each semester will be divided into five sections (with each section beginning on the first day of every month).  To start the semester, any students who have outstanding assignments that are past due will be encouraged, but not directed, to attend Homework Club (Mon-Thurs from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.).  This will be presented as a choice and as an opportunity to catch up.  Attendance at this time will be recommended by not mandatory.   If, however, any student chooses not to entirely catch up in all classes by the start of the next section (the first day of the next month, he/she will be required to attend Homework Club every day that it is offered until they are completely up to date in all subjects.  At this time, parents of these students will be notified by the teacher of this requirement by phone and/or email.  The responsibilities of ensuring that Homework Club is attended, and being aware of what material needs to be completed will rest with the students (staff members will no long be rounding up students to ensure that they attend).  If, for any reason, students should fail to attend Homework Club on two occasions, they will be expected to work in the office (or other designated space) for an entire day, away from distractions.  Students who find themselves in this situation will not have access to their phones and will be taking breaks (long break and lunch) at different times than the rest of the school.  Parents will be notified by school administration.  Students will have only that day to catch up on missing work.  In terms one and three, students will receive an "I" as a letter grade on their report cards or interim reports.  They will then have ten days to hand in the missing work.  Any work that is not submitted within that ten days cannot be assessed and will be recorded as incomplete.  Once a student is completely up to date in all classes, his/her name will be removed from the list of students expected at Homework Club.  Students who are able to ensure that they are up to date at the start of every section (the first day of every month) will not be required to attend Homework Club.  We hope that through this new system, we will prompt student responsibility, engagement, and the result will be timely submissions with a high degree of quality.