Superintendent's Update

Posted On Monday June 20, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Congratulations to all staff who were recognized for giving 5 through to 40 years of service at the District Employee Recognition Reception on June 16, 2022.  Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of students, families, and staff.

Summit Elementary School

Principal Justin deVries and I started in kindergarten, where students were making paper doll houses and digging up plastic bones. Next, we met grade 1 students who were “reading around the room” and grade 4 students who were learning how to create wooden projects. Grade 2 students were composing bio-poems and grade 3s were reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”. Grade 2s and 3s had just finished listening to “Planting a Rainbow” and were creating their own rainbow pictures. Grade 6 and 7 had designed projects to involve students in learning the skeletal system. Mr. deVries shared, “At Summit, we see diversity as a resource- welcoming new friends, learning about different cultures, and negotiating different points of view in restorative circles.” He added, “I can truly say that this is a welcoming culture.”

McGowan Park Elementary School
Principal Sally Zryd, Vice Principal Jeanine Wourms, and I started in the District Resource Room where we met a student who communicated using text-to-speech software. In Kindergarten, students were painting scenes with frogs while in the K/1 students were playing a counting game. Grade 2s were learning how to tell time, and grade 3s sang a secret song as a surprise for grade 7 students. Grade 5 students applied several techniques to divide numbers, and grade 4 students studied fractions. Grade 3/4 were writing Father’s Day letters. Grade 7s were building things and sharing their marketing techniques for selling self-created products, and grade 6s were finishing a unit on triangles. Ms. Zryd said, ”It has been so nice to celebrate together and see what students are learning and creating to end the year.”

Kamloops School of the Arts: Enchanted Earth Artifact Gallery of Learning
I had the pleasure of visiting with Principal Blair Lloyd, Vice Principal Jayne Latta, and Ms. Melanie Gilmar who was the lead on this project. KSA received a grant used to hire an artist who supported grades 8-12 to represent their learning about curricular concepts through photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, writing, and mathematical representations in imaginary worlds (sea, sky, earth, underground, ice). From June 15-22, you can arrange to visit Kamloops School of the Arts gallery of artifacts  To organize a personal tour, please contact
Ms.Gilmar at:

First Steps Recognition
Thank you to Principal Cory Carmichael and Vice Principal Dyan Gunnlaugson for hosting this event to recognize the successes of students who had made ribbon skirts and drums to participate in Aboriginal ceremonies. Thank you to Program Coordinator Tonia Gillespie and First Steps Teacher Cheyenne Kennedy for their excellent program leadership. Thank you to Bernice Jensen for leading the honour song and Aboriginal Youth and Family Consultant Amanda Big Sorrel Horse and Elder Geri Thomas for offering us prayer through a welcome smudge. Thank you to our maintenance staff for beautifying the environment. This wonderful event illuminated what it means to be walking together on this journey toward Truth and Reconciliation.
SD73 Graduation
Graduations continue throughout the District for the next week. In total, 15 ceremonies will be held for 1,100 students. We appreciate and celebrate each unique group of graduates. Send a greeting to the Class of 2022.
Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

We continue to emphasize the practice of daily health awareness strategies – staying home when sick, practicing good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, and making choices about wearing masks – see our District’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan for more information.
Thank you for continuing to learn, work, and celebrate together in the month of June. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends.
Rhonda Nixon, PhD

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