What Learning Looks Like … For Now

Posted On Wednesday April 01, 2020
Zoom classroom for Grade 2 student
Cooper, in grade 2 at Parkcrest Elementary, during a Zoom classroom session

Teachers are finding ways to reconnect with students, helping them to continue learning, even in this time of social isolation. It’s not as big a stretch as people may think, as numerous helpful resources are being gathered and shared among educators to help them engage and work with their students.

“SD73 Teacher-Librarians have created a master list of curated K-12 resources, organized now in curriculum themes and grade groups,” said Sheryl Lindquist, District Principal, Curriculum and Instruction. “We will continue to put resources in place to help our teachers instruct in this new reality.”

District Coordinators and Resource Teachers are connecting with teachers across the district to offer ideas and support.

For example, a literacy learning at home framework is providing teacher resources for all grade levels for reading, writing and working with ebooks and audiobooks. When it comes to numeracy, the focus for younger grades will be on number sense, problem solving, and fun.

Teachers are finding ways to develop learning opportunities based on the global pandemic. In science, resources include online workshops and activities related to learning about pandemics and immunity. Fine Arts resources include finding ways to make music with whatever is in the home, and reflecting on students’ situations to develop photos, written reflections or art.

Technology is a key challenge, but it is also a huge learning opportunity. Support is being provided for students in keyboarding skills, and teachers who are comfortable with technology are reaching out to help others develop technical skills.

“The key here is to keep remembering we are all in uncharted territory,” said Lindquist. “We are focussed on finding a way forward without putting undue pressure on anyone, including teachers, students and parents. The most important thing is for each of us to take care of ourselves, and each other.”

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