Registration / Forms

Registering a student at Logan Lake Elem-Sec School for grades 5 to 12

It is required of parents and/or guardians to fill out the school registration form as well as a few permission forms, which are listed below. You are welcome to come into the school and fill out the forms, or download them and bring the completed forms in person. * School Registration Form (Please print on legal size, 8.5 X14)

The school must have a copy of the student's birth certificate, BC care card and proof of your residential address at the time of registration!

~Download the School Registration Form (Please print on legal size, 8.5 X14)


Off School Grounds Permission Form

Inside Media

Outside Media

~ Download 3 Permission Forms (Please print on letter size, 8.5X11)
~ Download 2 Technology Forms (Please print on letter size, 8.5X11)
 For students who self-identify as being of Aboriginal Ancestry, please complete the form below.



Kindergarten registration takes place at Logan Lake Elementary School in February of the year your child will start school.

To be eligible for attendance in kindergarten in September, a student must be five years of age by December of the previous school year.  Please bring your child’s original birth certificate, BC Services Card, proof of address and any legal documentation concerning custody (if applicable) with you when registering.


For families with older students wishing to explore registration in a school of choice, or for those who are new to the District or our community, contact Logan Lake Elem-Sec School directly at 250-523-9441 to register your child.

Please refer to  School District No. 73 Administrative Procedure 305 School Boundaries and Student Transfer Requests and Administrative Procedure 306 Schools of Choice, French Immersion, and Academies for clarification regarding school boundaries and enrollment in Schools of Choice, French Immersion or Academies.

If you are unsure about which school to register in, contact the School Board Office at (250) 374-0679.

School Catchment Boundaries

Use your home address to find your catchment school with School Locator and School Boundaries Map tools. 

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