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            Welcome to Logan Lake Secondary School

We are very proud of our school, especially in our emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, as well as social responsibility.  The staff at Logan Lake is committed to the task of providing students with a quality education.  Our small size offers us the unique opportunity to be a close knit community of learners.  We have expanded our program to include many course offerings via the internet (e-learning) and video conferencing.  The new school year will be an exciting one!

Our expectation is that students will attend classes regularly, promptly, and will make a best effort to achieve success. Choosing a program of studies, at the secondary level, is a serious matter.  Many course combinations are possible, however, your primary responsibility to yourself is to choose courses that are prerequisites to careers that may be of interest to you.  Keep as many doors open as possible.  Careful selection of courses now will pay dividends later and should be based on interests, abilities, and future plans.  Students should be aware that graduation from high school does not automatically guarantee entrance to a specific post-secondary institution or program.

The teaching staff, counsellor and administration will be pleased to help you with any inquiries you may have about courses and specific entrance requirements.  Because of our size, some courses may not be offered, though consideration will be given for alternate delivery such as online, video conferencing, or correspondence.  Course change requests will be very limited throughout the year, so choose your courses wisely.  Course changes may be made, by appointment, with the counsellor.



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